Conditions VSM can Help

Examples of some conditions that may be helped by Veterinary Spinal Manipulation

For all species (dogs, horses, cattle):

Stiffness and difficulty rising
Substandard athletic performance
Dragging toes or stumbling
Sore backs
Urinary incontinence
Gait abnormalities
Vague, low grade, hard to locate lameness

For Dogs:

Difficulty getting up from a sitting position

Reluctance to up or down stairs or jump into a car

Inability to sit or stand squarely

Tendency to move with the hind quarters to one side i.e. “Dog trotting”

Avoiding being pet or touched in certain areas

For Horses:

Resistance to saddling
Difficulty picking up a lead
Stiffness traveling in one direction
Reluctance to stand on three legs for hoof care
Head tossing


Stanchion fighter heifers
Downer cows

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