Notes from Clients

Hi Dr Jan:
April is doing so much better. No dragging her self around. She still
has a little trouble getting up after she’s been laying down awhile
but I think that just her age showing. I was able to get her groomed
yesterday and she did well. I stayed by her and help support her some.
But she did awesome.
I still don’t let her jump too much and pick her up to get up and down
out of the blazer to be safe. She shakes a little better too. Head tilt
is pretty much gone also.
When school is out for me I would like to bring April back down for a
maintenance appointment.
I want to thank you for making her better. I was really scared I was
going to lose her. And I am not ready for that yet. I just need a
little more time with her.
I am amazed how the chiropractic worked for her and the acupuncture. I
have been telling people I know how it made a difference. I don’t know
if your a believer but I feel God answered my prayer that I would find
someone like you to make April better. I so appreciate you. Thanks for
checking on her. I will be calling again soon for a appointment.      JM

Hi, Dr. Jan! My little Clipse has been awesome! Have changed a few
things around the house to keep her back well, and she’s up to
regular walks, playing, etc. Will let you know when we need you
again!       MS

Dear Jan,

Thank You! Thank you! Thank you! Once again, your energy worked. Melvin’s lump all of a sudden looks visibly reduced.We took him to OSU yesterday for his 2nd vaccination (ed. note-for melanoma) and they called his progress “miraculous” and are “very encouraged”



Hey Jan!
Thanks so much for checking up! I forgot to let you know how he was doing. Yes, he seems back to normal. You are a magician!

Thanks!                                               Sara

Hi! At the risk of your head over-expanding, I’m just going to put
this out there. You might be a genius.           – Barb


Thank you !!!!! for your care & help – without you…I’d be…well, you know…dead.
– Dusty

Thanks for everything you’ve done and continue to do for Willow! She would not be here today without you!
                  – Heidi + Jon

Joy is a Border Collie!
Dear Dr. Jan,
Thank you for all your beautiful work with my dearest friend. He passed peacefully on his own, while I held his paw Sunday 6 Dec. May you be blessed by the spirit of a delightful Border Collie.
            – Gayle

Dear Dr. Schilling,
So glad I have found you. I just didn’t know where to go with Pam. I’m sure she’ll need a tune -up come spring.
             – Laurie

Hi, Jan!
I hope it will please you to know that Dewey is doing much better. Today, for the first since he foundered, he ran out to the hay and did a little happy, bucky manuver.

Thanks for all your efforts on his behalf!”
– Valerie

Thank you for your help with Luke! It has made such a difference- He completed all 6 classes both days this past weekend and finally earned his Novice Versatility award. We couldn’t have done it with out you! I should also mention that his course times were much faster then they used to be- He’s feeling great!!
            – Karissa


Thanks so much for your special care. Today Miko washed his face!! Maybe something in his shoulder or neck wasn’t comfortable when he did it until you fixed it.

Hilary, Kent, & Miko


I’m writing because I just wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for treating Ladybug. She is back to her old sassy self. My family is amazed.
          – Kim


Bless you, Jan, for all you did for us. I hope our paths cross again — I’d love to hear of your adventures in alternative healing!
           – Susan


Thanks so much for saving my dog. She’s in great shape.
               – Steve


Thank you so much for everything you did for Shelby and me. Because of your efforts, she led a longer, happier life with less pain. I loved her as if she were my own child, and I miss her with all my heart. She made my life happier while she was with me, and I hope I did the same for her. I want to send my heartfelt thanks to you for doing the same.
               – Honni


Thank you so much for your loving, gentle care of Bismarck this year. You gave us 8 extra months with him, which allowed us to say good bye to our very own Meathead. He was larger than life and the 8 months he lived under your care allowed him to be his obnoxious self. We miss him, but are grateful for the extra time.
               – Karen and Chuck

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