Qigong Energy Balancing


Dr. Schilling balancing horse’s energy (Qigong).

Qigong Energy Balancing heals mind, body and spirit. It is a “hands off” technique working in an animal’s energy field (aura) to restore normal flow of Qi (life force). Inadequate Qi and obstructions to its flow cause pain and ill health. See Louie’s success story here.

During a Qigong Energy Balancing session blockages are detected and removed and healing energy is added to enable each animal to heal itself in whatever manner best serves its highest good. Moving toward optimal Chi flow may improve health on many levels. Along with physical changes you might notice things like an improved outlook or better ability to cope with stress. The benefits can be subtle or dramatic. The reason for seeking Qigong Energy Balancing may or may not be the area where the biggest changes occur. A physical cure is only one of the ways healing can manifest itself. Sometimes healing comes in the form of acceptance of limitations or even in easing the transition from the present life.

Animals with opposable thumbs can enhance the healing experience through Qigong exercises and meditation.

Reiki is direct, hands on energy work. It is similar to qigong in that it attempts to restore the normal energy balance to the body by using the practitioner’s hands to add or remove energy from the body. Reiki practitioners refer to this energy as the “universal life force”.

Qigong Energy Balancing sessions are available for people too. Call 608.452.2185 for an appointment.

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